The support on study grant is a grant – in – aid program offered to incoming college freshmen who are genuinely interested to pursue collegiate education.  Though they are deserving yet they are financially challenged. Eventually St. Alexius College generously organize a program designed to provide opportunity of continuing their studies in college through the grant – in – aid scheme. Generally this group is participated by deserving students who are academically smart, hardworking and committed once entrusted with the task.

The Support on Study Grant (SOSG)

A. Qualification
  1. The applicants must be graduates of Senior High School
  2. They must have passed the SAC Admission Test.
B. Application Procedure.
    The applicant must:
  1. submit an application letter countersigned by parents and attach the current Income Tax Return or Certificate of Indigency if parents are not ITR Filer;
  2. undergo the interview and pass it; and
  3. secure a written character reference from any personnel of SAC or DAPPMC.
C. Academic Requirement.
    The applicant must:
  1. Enroll in Non – Health Allied Courses or those courseswhich do not require Board Examination.
  2. Take a total subject load of eighteen (18) units per semester.
  3. Pass all subjects enrolled per semester.
  4. Follow/ Subscribe to the curriculum requirement; no over–load nor under–load.
  5. Abide to the required working time: four hours per day.
  6. Attend religiously the orientation sessions, meetings and other assigned tasks.