The St. Alexius College  Senior High School (SACSHS) comprises Grades 11 and 12 of SAC’s Integrated School Department.  It aims to provide high quality, learner-centered, holistic and inclusive basic education where students are actively engaged and motivated to learn. Teachers are reflective designers and competent facilitators of instruction. Administrators and staff ensure a safe, healthy and nurturing school environment. Parents work in partnership with the school in developing mindful, well-rounded individuals and community, and other stakeholders provide opportunities for culture-based, relevant and meaningful learning.

The St. Alexius College Senior High School offers programs for the following STRANDS under the Academic Track:

  1. ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT STRAND– The ABM Strand prepares the SHS student for a business course in college by introducing the basic subjects in Accountancy, Business, Management, Economics, Finance and Marketing.
  2. GENERAL ACADEMIC STRAND– The GA Strand gives an opportunity for the SHS student to combine subjects from different fields by allowing him/her to choose electives from the different strands in the Academic Track.
  3. HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES STRAND– The HUMSS Strand introduces the SHS student to the basic subjects in Social Sciences and the Languages.
  4. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS STRAND– The STEM Strand prepares the SHS student for a science-related course in college by deepening the concepts in Math and Science through lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus.

The St. Alexius College Senior High School offers programs for the following STRANDS under the Technical, Vocational, Livelihood Track:

If you are really not sure if you will be able to pursue any degree after Senior High or if you want to earn money immediately after graduation, then this track is for you. Even without college, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track will equip you with job-ready skills in the future.

This track also invests primarily on skills that can gain you requisite COCs (Certificates of Competency) and NCs (National Certifications) which would be essential when looking for better career opportunities in agriculture, electronics, and trade. This is also important when applying abroad where the skills you gain would prepare you as you join the workforce.

  1. Home Economics (HE) – The Home Economics strand offers various specializations that can lead to livelihood projects at home. This strand aims to give SHS student job-ready skills that can help you in finding the right employment.


  • Cookery (NC II)
  • Food and Beverage Services (NC II)
  • Bread and Pastry (NC II)
  1. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) – If you are computer-savvy or a technological freak, step right into the ICT strand. Under this strand, SHS student will be encouraged to utilize information and communication technological tools to contextualize, collaborate, and create experiences for learning in this professional strand.


  • Computer Hardware Servicing (NC II)
  • Computer Programming (NC II)