St. Alexius College quest for excellence can be traced from its very inception by its stated vision and mission ….. to produce graduates who are professionally competent, socially concerned globally competitive, community –oriented and guided by their conscience in all their actions. From the beginning, St. Alexius College has never wavered or faltered in its pursuit of academic excellence.

In the quest to provide quality, relevant and responsive educational services to the youth of SOCSKSARGEN, St. Alexius College is committed to develop, educate and mold students by developing new approaches and access to quality education at affordable costs to a consistently increasing educable college population.


St. Alexius College is a duly recognized and accredited institution founded by Dr. Arturo P. Pingoy and Dr. Amparo Y. Pingoy in 1971, to provide education and training for regional socio-economic development. Inspired by the founders’ belief that “education is the key to social mobility”, and enlivened by the virtues of St. Alexius, the institution integrates theory, praxis, research and community service to form principled, competent and productive citizens who make a difference in society.